Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Lovely Bones

It’s just Gina and I on this one. Chad was MIA, though even if he had been with us I don’t think it would have benefited this review.

Peter Jackson’s most recent movie as a director is quite a bit of a change from his known projects. Lord of the Rings, King Kong, District 9, and coming soon The Hobbit are all Jackson projects with rather similar epic fantasy storylines. I’ll admit, I was fairly shocked that The Lovely Bones (based on the novel by Alice Sebold which neither of us has read) was a Jackson movie; just not his typical endeavor.

Though it is Rachel Weisz and Susan Sarandon with the Oscar on their shelves, it is Stanley Tucci who is well more deserving of the honor as the extremely odd, creepy, and sinister George Harvey. Harvey, a middle aged man who lives alone, builds dollhouses, likes to sit in dark areas, and ultimately decides to murder, keeps you completely on edge and uncomfortable every second he is on screen. Now don’t worry, I’m not giving anything away. This isn’t a mystery movie as to who the killer is, rather a journey of Susie Salmon’s soul as she makes her way to heaven while looking over her family and killer.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Book Of Eli

OK… I know you’re thinking “What’s with all these action, adventure, dude movies?!?” Well it is TWO guys and A girl. Gina gets kind of overruled sometimes. Anyway, Book Of Eli, our newest movie, is about this guy named Eli (Denzel Washington) and his book. If you have guessed from the previews what the book he carries is, then you’re probably right. If you have no idea after seeing the previews what the book is, you probably should.

In a post-apocalyptic world caused by what everyone refers to as “The Big Flash”, Eli fights his way towards a safe place for the book guided by a higher power. He fights (pretty miraculously) only in self-defense against rouge gangs of thieves looking for water, food, and anything else they can steal from the weak. Traveling west, he wanders into a small town coincidentally headed by Carnegie (wonderfully played by Gary Oldman), a man with hopes set on finding a book that will help him rule the world in his eyes.

There was a lot of really nice things going with this movie from the start; the cinematography emphasizing the feeling of isolation and need for self reliance, the first fight scene silhouetted against a late afternoon sky, and an engaging build up. In fact visually this movie is “awe inspiring”, as the trailer quotes. The story then starts to take a downhill run.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

New On DVD: Gamer

Weapons, war, violence, sex, video games, more violence, Society, revenge, Slayers, death-row inmates, orange haired woman controlled by a fat man, more violence, Ludacris, Peter Petrelli, King Leonidas, Dexter, and a tantalizingly great post-modern high concept incomprehensible clich├ęd mess of a film. In other words… SEE IT!

…nuff said


I really love the idea of this movie and am quite surprised it hasn’t been done before. I Am Legend had a plot along these lines (I am referring to the book); however, the infected humans were not civilized. And with the Twilight bringing on a claustrophobic abundance of vampire movies, books, magazines, stickers, and cults, Daybreakers is really as refreshing as putting on a brand new pair of socks.

In a world where a plague has turned most of the population into vampires, Ethan Hawke plays a hematologist of a human harvesting corporation working to find a blood substitute while the current blood supply is approaching an end. Lack of blood causes the vampires to become an almost bat-like underground monster, which is actually a part of the story that is quite minimal and only needed to be there to emphasize the severity of the extinction of the human race.

It’s kind of cool seeing the vampires running the city at night doing everyday activities – riding the subway, buying coffee (with blood added of course), and since they can’t die they smoke like chimneys. There was also a fang adorned Uncle Sam billboard recruiting for the Vampire Army, whose sole purpose is to hunt and capture humans. Of course to add some distress to Hawke’s character, his brother is part of said army… didn’t see that one coming did you ::said with sarcasm::

The real treat is Willem Dafoe as the badass car junkie, and somewhat leader of a small group of humans fighting for a way to repopulate. His character offers a comic relief of sorts with mannerisms that only Dafoe can pull off so well. The other characters don’t even need to be on screen because he carries your attention so well.

Chad: His ‘five dollar whore’ line made the movie for me!

Monday, January 4, 2010

New On DVD: Paranormal Activity

For the first New On DVD review we’re looking at Paranormal Activity, and I mean “looking at” literally because there really wasn’t much there to watch. Gina never saw the film so you’re going to have to deal with the opinions of just Chad and I, and I really think we spared Gina two hours of her life that we can’t have back. I have been waiting to tell people how I feel about this movie after all the talk of this being the scariest movie EVER; that’s a big claim. Both Chad and I are fans of the horror genre so we were waiting for a long time to have it finally get a nation wide release.

THANK GOD we didn’t pay to see this and watched it online instead! I have no clue how so many movie critics praise this movie (and Blair Witch Project which created this film style) and feel that it was such a scary, suspenseful movie.

Chad: The Blair Witch novelty was completely obliterated by Cloverfield and watching Paranormal Activity was like watching The Flintstones.

Kevin: Yeah, a laugh track actually would have made this an entertaining movie!


So what better way to start off our movie reviews than with the biggest movie of 2009, both in budget and hype. At the time of this post, Avatar has grossed over $350,000,000 in US box office and has only been out for sixteen days! That ludicrous fact is a feat in itself, but add in that it has been boasting superior 3D technology and there is no possible way you can ignore this film. Whether the abundance of previews leading to Avatar’s release annoyed the hell out of you (Gina) or not, you’re most likely going to see it at some point. So let’s get to it.

From the opening scene, you are engaged it the atmosphere of this majestic world James Cameron has created. All three of us agree that it is some of the best CG seen in a movie; you can see the actors’ faces clearly in their alien counterparts. That balance of wide landscapes and details of the futuristic technology is what makes you not even notice the 2 hr 40 min run time.

Chad: I understand the importance of it, but I could have done without the alien love scene. Yes, nerds, there is an alien love scene!

I would summarize the plot but you really see all the set up that you need in the trailers. Gina mentioned that she was curious to see more back story of some of the characters, especially the gung-ho Col. Quaritch who was played quite convincingly. Though, while it perked my curiosity,

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome all to a new venture in movie reviews. If you’re reading this now, you have jumped in on the ground floor. Two Guys And A Girl Review Movies is just what it sounds like, three regular people with absolutely no movie reviewing background voicing their opinions on the movies they see. So I guess the first thing I should do is introduce you to the contributors.

My name is Kevin, and since I’m the one with the most extensive movie knowledge (I did take one film discussion class in college, though I will leave out the story of how I failed a class in which you watch movies every session) I will be bringing our thoughts to type. Also, of the three of us, I probably enjoy the most diverse range of movies. As a photographer I can really appreciate a cinematic masterpiece, ala Seven Samurai. However, I can just as well enjoy a goofy, vulgar, comedy such as DodgeBall.

As a less diverse counterpart, Chad, while enjoying the awesome experience that is movie going, has his limitations. Black & Whites? Not likely. And there are others that have been boycotted. Just recently he would not for the life of him