Thursday, May 13, 2010

Letters To Juliet

Well I feel like a real movie critic, reviewing a pre screening of a movie and getting it up on the site before it’s released… Yeah, it’s only twelve hours before the morning showing of it, but little victories.

The summers first chick flick (because I’m not counting Bounty Hunter or The Back Up Plan, which are not worth the film they were shot on) proves to live up to the genre with the bantering of young lovers who hate each other at first while having to work together for some un-noteworthy reason before finally realizing that they are actually into each other. Does it really matter the journey that they have to survive? Not really, it just provides the means to the end.

Amanda Seyfried portrays Sophie, a fact finder for the New Yorker who on her pre-honeymoon finds a fifty-year-old letter written to Juliet (of Romeo & Juliet if you didn’t know) asking for love advice and decides to reply, with subconscious hopes, to unearth a true-life love story. And if you men reading aren’t tuning out yet, the grandson of the letters author confronts her to “reprimand” her for her actions which is how she is introduced to one half of the star crossed lovers with whom she plans to reunite with her long lost love. Since Sophie’s fiancĂ© is brutally (and hilariously)