Friday, April 30, 2010


As promised, here is the much anticipated review of Kick-Ass… and wow was this a whammy! (yes, I just said whammy) I don’t know where to start with this incredibly smart comedy, action, or however it can be classified. I know anyone who is reading this right now that has seen the preview is probably thinking I’m crazy, but stick with it.

Based on the comic book of the same name, Kick-Ass follows an average geeky high school student who is so curious why no one has tried to become a Superhero that, despite the logical reasoning’s of his friends, decides to pick up a secret persona to fight crime. Little does he know, there is already a father-daughter superhero team working to take down the biggest crime syndicate in the city, and Kick-Ass soon gets caught in the middle.

This starts off as the typical dumb teen comedy that you would predict from seeing the trailers, and then it takes a drastic turn. This becomes a full fledged, legit, superhero action flick along the lines of anything that has come from Marvel (minus Ghost Rider; which coincidentally starred Nick Cage).

Chad: It reminded me of Pineapple Express, where it starts out as a comedy and ends with ludicrous action.

Kevin: And man was the action over the top and gratuitously hilarious.

Gina: The whole movie, I was thinking “this is horrible, how could they make this little girl so brutal”, yet I thoroughly enjoyed it. But I think normal girls won’t like that.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Green Zone, Bounty Hunter, Hot Tub Time Machine, Clash Of The Titans 3D

So… It’s been a while since our last review. We have had a lot going on so here are some quick reviews on a few of the movies we’ve seen recently.

Green Zone:

This one I saw by myself (online for free, but don’t tell anyone). Now I’m not going to get into all the political aspects of how much of this was “truth” and what was Hollywood. Most likely, what ever your views on the war in Iraq are, they are going to be that regardless of this movie.

That being said, this pretty much was Jason Borne takes Iraq. I didn’t realize before I saw it that it was based on true events or that it was even an Iraq war movie. But it didn’t matter. Packed with action along side the intriguing plot, it was very entertaining and thought provoking. It got a lot of knocks saying that there wasn’t enough action, but I found it to be quite fulfilling. Though it was more warfare rather than hand to hand combat, as the Borne movies were.

Kevin: 8.25 of 10 stars.