Friday, November 26, 2010


Clint Eastwood’s latest was released with not much publicity and trailer’s that didn’t really give a lot away or do anything to suck you in. Think Unbreakable but more boring. However, if you did pay attention, the plot was quite intriguing, had much to work with, and with the style that Eastwood can put through in his cinematic vision, had potential to be pretty moving.

Hereafter was essentially a character film, revolving around the story of an ex-psychic troubled by his ability cursing him into a life with out emotion of the unknown. Matt Damon falls into his role nicely and solidly performs to the standards of what is expected from Eastwood.

Gina: You could really feel Matt Damon’s draw into his character, which is what made it such a character chronicle.

Kevin: Even with the plot following three major stories, the Damon story draws you in the most.

Gina: The French woman was intriguing.

Kevin: She did have a subtle but true charisma.

And this isn’t to take anything away from the other third of the storyline, which was interesting in it’s own. It’s just that you knew the psychic was who would connect everything in the end somehow.

Eastwood has a peculiar way of having everyone of his films having the same dramatic feeling while still being completely different; which is much more skillful than you might

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New To DVD: The Last Airbender

We’re not going to spend too much time on this. The story was mediocre, especially since the material is already there. The acting was even worse, and that IS giving the benefit of the doubt to the fact that it was a cast of predominantly first timers. The effects were underwhelming, and the 3D (like we have said time and time again regarding post production 3D) was lack luster to non-existent. You’re not missing much with the subtraction of the 3D for the Blu-Ray release.

There was more than enough opportunity to make this an epic film. When watching the trailers, it was mind boggling how something that had what looked like such cool effects had been getting such bad reviews; right now I think it still is at 7% on Rotten Tomatoes. But it deserves it. It was that bad.

It is supposed to have four parts in the series. Right now, if it even gets the funding for a sequel, everyone is looking to strip M. Night Shyamalan of his directorial duties. NO! That’s like firing the coach of a 0-10 football team in the middle of the season. A change of management is not going to miraculously make you win out the season; it just creates a fail-fail opportunity for the next man in charge.

Let the captain go down with the ship! He has a vision, and supposedly two sequel screenplays written for what he says are much darker story lines. Let it play out with him at the helm. That is the only thing that can salvage what this first movie has created.

These are kind of old but we’ll throw them up with our quick reviews anyway; Since we are your primary source for a true, realistic review on the most recent movies. Now stick with it, because you might be thinking we’re crazy for some of these reviews, but rest assured you will eventually agree!

First, Piranha 3D. Yes, we gave it 8 of 10 stars… Believe it! It was goofy, it was gory, it had a lot of nudity, it had man-eating fish dismembering scantily clad spring breakers. And you know what? It compiled all of these elements to create a great horror / comedy. Then to top it off, it was in 3D!

Chad: 3D boobies! Classic!

Kevin: Was the 3D great? No. But I’ve seen much worse.

Next we have Scott Pilgrim VS. The World. This erupted onto the screen becoming a chaotic, hallucinogenic, plethoric mess of early nineties styled video game graphics-converted-to-movie effects, and for some reason it worked in it’s favor. This could have gone either way, but the geniuses directing it found a way to get Michael Cera just far enough out of his (so far) stereotyped character to utilize what he does bring to the screen AND what he could bring to the screen.

There were a few things that were done that made this not a flop… One, it didn’t fall into the trend of post production 3D in an embossing attempt to boost effects. Two, they took a