Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome all to a new venture in movie reviews. If you’re reading this now, you have jumped in on the ground floor. Two Guys And A Girl Review Movies is just what it sounds like, three regular people with absolutely no movie reviewing background voicing their opinions on the movies they see. So I guess the first thing I should do is introduce you to the contributors.

My name is Kevin, and since I’m the one with the most extensive movie knowledge (I did take one film discussion class in college, though I will leave out the story of how I failed a class in which you watch movies every session) I will be bringing our thoughts to type. Also, of the three of us, I probably enjoy the most diverse range of movies. As a photographer I can really appreciate a cinematic masterpiece, ala Seven Samurai. However, I can just as well enjoy a goofy, vulgar, comedy such as DodgeBall.

As a less diverse counterpart, Chad, while enjoying the awesome experience that is movie going, has his limitations. Black & Whites? Not likely. And there are others that have been boycotted. Just recently he would not for the life of him under any circumstances see New Moon; mainly due to being tricked into seeing Twilight.

“There’s all kinds of action! Vampires fighting werewolves… like the ENTIRE movie!” Yeah, he didn’t take to that too well. Though, he too can appreciate what makes a movie great even if his all time favorite movies list doesn’t quite match yours.

Then we come to the lone woman of our group. Gina, like the rest of us, enjoys movies enough to stand up and sternly tell the teenyboppers in the row in front of us to “Shut the hell up!” when they were chin-wagging during House Bunny, and still be the first to laugh at the guy who falls trying to climb over the back of his chair to leave the theatre during Avatar. But she’s a valuable asset to our trio due to the fact that she is not afraid to speak her mind candidly; even in a room full of thirty people that love a particular movie that she believes (in as nice a way as possible) is garbage.

So now that you know us you can eagerly await our first movie review that will be coming within the next couple days or so, and hopefully the precursor to many more.



  1. First off, I do like some black and white movies. Kill Bill had some black and white sequences ahaha. It's just if a movie is boring and has a great story, it is still boring. I don't sugar coat it.

  2. Can't wait to see some love stories reviewed here. Anyone? Chad?