Thursday, March 18, 2010

She's Out Of My League

It was being presented to us as the funniest movie since The Hangover (which was GREAT!) and She’s Out Of My League lived up to that. No, it wasn’t funnier than The Hangover, but that would be tough to beat. This movie was flat out hilarious and, because we are having trouble pointing out specifics, that’s our review! Great movie, great story that held up throughout, and great characters. It also delivers the raunchy romantic comedy style without going too far; though it gets close, especially in a scene where Kirk (Jay Baruchel) gets help from his buddy to shave his man region. You won’t be disappointed.

Chad: The fat Napoleon Dynamite was awesome and I have officially demoted Kristen Bell from being my future wife for the 10 in the movie.

5! of 5 beers

Gina: I’m too busy sending Chad pointless texts right now so I can’t give any input at the moment.

7.75 of 10 stars

Kevin: The supporting cast was perfect; the friends, brother, Kirk’s ex-girlfriend and new boyfriend living in his own house… And the 10’s best friend was the best bitchy cynical voice over your shoulder.

9 of 10 stars

Combined rating give us 8.9 of 10 stars, but I’m going to round it up to 9 of 10 stars because Gina can be a harsh judge.

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