Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cop Out

Because of her hatred for Tracy Morgan, Gina did not join Chad and I for this. I know, I know… It’s hard to believe since he is pretty hilarious.

Chad: Agreed. But he wasn’t as funny as I thought he’d be in this.

Kevin: At least he’s not nearly as annoying as Chris Tucker.

Directed by Kevin Smith (yes, the Kevin Smith that has brought us such comedy classics as Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma; and I could probably list all of his movies), follows the line of previous cop comedies as Bad Boys and Rush Hour, and sports a musical background like that of Beverly Hills Cop. While not as much action as Bad Boys and missing the high pitched and barely audible voices of Rush Hour, Cop Out does pair Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan who combine for quite the juxtaposed duo.

Chad: I think they were terrible together.

Kevin: Nah… they did all right.

Chad: OK... But the Mexican guy from Half Baked was not believable as the gangster AT ALL!

It’s the typical plot you would expect. Jimmy Monroe (Willis) and Paul Hodges (Morgan) create chaos trying to capture the bad guy, and though meaning well, cause a huge mess for the police force and get suspended without pay. This causes Monroe to resort to selling his rare baseball card to pay for his daughters wedding. The card gets stolen, ironically, by a baseball obsessed drug runner who orchestrated the bad guys our duo were originally after. And our comedy caper begins!

The film has some hilarious moments, including the opening scene in the interrogation room where Morgan channels his inner cliché movie quote-ness and hits everything from Scarface to Star Wars to The Color Purple. Throw in a sprinkle of Seann William Scott as the high-energy burglar with a knack for parkour and knock-knock jokes, and you’ll get some definite laughs.

Chad: He is hilarious! Make sure to wait through the credits for the extra SWS scene in the morgue…

Kevin: Knock-Knock…

The rest of the cast is average, not bad but not great, however do enough of what you need them to do for a film like this. No one really stands out but there were some nice appearances from Jason Lee (My Name Is Earl), Rashida Jones (The Office), and Adam Brody (The O.C.). Oh, and a small part from Michelle Trachtenberg (sorry guys… I almost forgot).

The plotline, because it is so typical and done time and time again, begins to falter and lose attention. We were constantly waiting for the next string of Smith’s trademark gross out grade school humor ala Zack & Miri Make A Porno, or his cleverly written smart comedic dialogue from Dogma. But does “smart dialogue” and “Tracy Morgan” belong in the same sentence?

Kevin: It’s much funnier hearing him describe how he takes a crap, and seeing Willis’ face; a mixture of acting his characters reaction, and him thinking “Am I really doing this movie?”

Chad: If you want a dumb funny movie than this is fine, but it’s not the hilarious comedy you’d think it would be.

Overall, Cop Out is a decent movie to sit through. It did have some funny periods, however, Kevin Smith can do much better (though it looks like he had fun with it). Will there be a sequel? Not a chance. But Rush Hour shouldn’t have had a sequel either, so you never know.

Chad: 2.5 of 5 beers

Kevin: 6.1 of 10 stars

Combined total… whatever, take it for what it is.

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