Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Crazies

Kevin: I’m kinda torn on this.

Chad: It was AWESOME!

Kevin: Well yeah it was awesome… I just didn’t know what to make of it at first; not quite horror, but kind of suspense thriller.

Chad: Yeah, more like a survival movie.

Kevin: It was good that they went that direction with it. It was not the norm. It could have fallen into the typical cliché of the genre, but instead they had their own thing going.

Chad: Speaking of cliché… How bout that guy shooting the dead crazy out of nowhere. It’s about time someone just blew the head off instead of just looking at them to see if they were dead or not and giving them a chance to attack again. Not that he was all there himself, but hey…

But what happened to the third hunting buddy, he just went walking away there at the truck stop.

Kevin: Oh yeah… Well I guess he got nuked!

Chad: Guess so. But Olyphant and his wife walked away. Still being tracked into the next city. Totally set up a sequel. It’s gonna be like 28 Days Later, and 28 Weeks Later.

Kevin: When are they gonna make 28 Months Later?

Chad: They’re probably already planning it.



Kevin: How bout that girl screaming behind us?

Chad: I know! Some of them were like blood curdling screams too, not just little shrieks. I thought it was part of the movie.

Kevin: Like a scream track the way comedy shows have laugh tracks.

Chad: Yeah!

Kevin: The best was Olyphant stabbing the woman in the neck with the knife that was stuck through his hand.

Chad: Classic!

Kevin: I always get him mixed up with Josh Duhamel.

Chad: Me too, ever since they first started getting a name for themselves; Olyphant in Deadwood and Duhamel in Las Vegas.

Kevin: And they both started getting into movies around the same time too. I was talking with Gina one day and she thought the same thing. It’s like Olyphant is the evil twin and Duhamel the good twin… One on each shoulder giving you conflicting advice.

Chad: haha, yeah. One looks like he could totally kick the other ones ass.

Kevin: hahaha

Chad: haha



Kevin: It’s kind of late. What are these weird people doing out here just standing on the street corner. I fell like I need to shoot ‘em right now so they don’t infect me with the Crazy.

Chad: And don’t forget to burn ‘em just to make sure the infection doesn’t spread.

Kevin: Your rating?

Chad: 4 of 5 beers

Kevin: 7.99 of 10 stars

Combined Rating: 8 of 10 stars

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