Friday, November 26, 2010


Clint Eastwood’s latest was released with not much publicity and trailer’s that didn’t really give a lot away or do anything to suck you in. Think Unbreakable but more boring. However, if you did pay attention, the plot was quite intriguing, had much to work with, and with the style that Eastwood can put through in his cinematic vision, had potential to be pretty moving.

Hereafter was essentially a character film, revolving around the story of an ex-psychic troubled by his ability cursing him into a life with out emotion of the unknown. Matt Damon falls into his role nicely and solidly performs to the standards of what is expected from Eastwood.

Gina: You could really feel Matt Damon’s draw into his character, which is what made it such a character chronicle.

Kevin: Even with the plot following three major stories, the Damon story draws you in the most.

Gina: The French woman was intriguing.

Kevin: She did have a subtle but true charisma.

And this isn’t to take anything away from the other third of the storyline, which was interesting in it’s own. It’s just that you knew the psychic was who would connect everything in the end somehow.

Eastwood has a peculiar way of having everyone of his films having the same dramatic feeling while still being completely different; which is much more skillful than you might think. Let it simmer and you will see. On top of that he has a brilliant eye for visually appealing film sequences.

Gina: The beginning tsunami scene…

Kevin: Oh god! That scene was amazing…

Gina: Yeah, as I was saying, the tsunami scene to start the movie was so shockingly realistic and powerful. It really surfaced emotions of when the event took place.

Kevin: The connection to the characters really stemmed from that first scene.

To give fair warning, the pace of the film was extremely slow. Much to why it was likened to Unbreakable in the first place. If slow films completely bore you no matter the plot, don’t see this.

Gina: It really dragged in the middle, and in a rushed sense, ended abruptly.

Kevin: I disagree. The middle, and pretty much the entire first half of the movie, was all character development… Very deep and successful character development. And the end I don’t see as rushed as much as leaving to personal interpretation.

Gina: I feel it was a flat ending that didn’t leave much to the imagination.

Kevin: Well you’re wrong.

Gina: (stare)

Kevin: I really liked it. 8.5 of 10 stars.

Gina: Overall I liked it but didn’t love it. 4 of 10 stars.

Combined rating: 6.25 of 10 stars

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