Saturday, January 1, 2011

TRON: Legacy

Everyone knows how classically terrible (in the best way possible) the original Tron movie was, so kudos to Tron: Legacy for not referencing its cult classic predecessor too much when promoting the release. It was ridiculously hard to find a copy of the original to re-watch; there was no Blu Ray or special edition DVD release even right before Christmas. Really though, how embarrassing is it that the movie’s video game has grossed more money since their release.

Anyway, 28 years of nerdly anticipation has finally come to realization and this time around in 3D and DBOX, the newest movie gimmick. This completing a trio of movies we’ve seen in DBOX, it is easily the best so far.

Chad: The light flyers, yes there are flying versions of the light bikes, is easily the best DBOX scene ever.

Kevin: The light bikes were great too. And thank you for filming in 3D, enough with the post-production crap!

Chad: You could tell it was really good 3D but it was so dark that it was lost most of the time.

Kevin: Yeah, you didn’t get a lot of the depth. But when it was bright it was great.

Now I know there will be a lot of people criticizing the plot line, but you really don’t need much to put together what is important to the movie as a whole. What everyone really wants from Legacy is crazy awesome effects, revamped game sequences, and a graphically updated computer world. Done. You get all of it. Do we really care why Kevin Flynn disappeared, or why Clu (his computer world created clone) wants to invade the real world? Yes, but we don’t need forty-five minutes of it… probably don’t need twenty-five minutes of it. Just get me in between action sequences with something basic and I’ll be fine.

Chad: Light flyers in DBOX!

And the second most important thing to Tron: Legacy? Jeff Bridges, The Dude himself, reprising his role as Kevin Flynn. And for good measure, we get Bruce Boxleitner back too… sure, I’ll take it. Then you get a decent supporting cast and a good Flynn Jr. You would’ve accepted anyone for those roles really.

Kevin: I like how they pulled in the original characters and tied their stories in with the new plot.

Chad: I like how they used a hot girl-

Kevin: Olivia Wilde, if you don’t know

Chad: Yeah, instead of something like having the Caddyshack girl in the first.

Kevin: There was a big fan push to get her back for the sequel… Really?

The movie was good, you couldn’t logically expect more from it. And for all those geeky die-hard Tron fans out there, don’t go looking for computer tech historically incorrect mistakes. I don’t want to hear “How does Flynn’s arcade have a machine of Mortal Kombat, which was released in 1992, when it was supposedly shut down and locked up after Flynn’s disappearance in 1989?” or “Flynn’s computer showed it running SunOS 4.0.1 running on a i386 processor, but SunOS 4.0.1 only ran on the SPARQ processor type.” Nobody cares! But feel free to point out how Quorra’s light disc reappears on her back after she gave it to Flynn in the scene previous. Those mistakes are fun for everyone.

Chad: 4.2 of 5 beers

Kevin: 7.9 of 10 stars

Final Rating of 8.15 of 10 stars

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